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Our mission

The Norwegian Centre against Marine Litter is a government agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment. Our primary objective is to ensure cleaner seas through the reduction of marine litter.

The centre is based in Lofoten and is a leading centre of excellence on the incidence and clean-up of marine litter. We also work on the prevention of litter from sea-based sources. The centre will collaborate with the Norwegian Environment Agency, county governors and other relevant authorities and will make significant contributions to collaboration across sectors and participants. The centre will undertake work nationally and internationally.

The centre will also administer the subsidy scheme Subsidies for initiatives against marine litter and in 2022 it will distribute NOK 50 million, with major national collaborations on the clean-up of marine litter a priority area.

The centre has 16 employees and is led by Ann-Helen Ernstsen.

You can find the main instructions, which entered into force on 01/01/2022, for the Norwegian Centre against Marine Litter here.

The document is in Norwegian.