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CEO Ann-Helen Ernstsen
  • Ann-Helen Ernstsen

  • CEO
  • +47 900 35 379
  • Ann-Helen trained as an engineer in machinery and marine technology. She also studied Maritime Arctic Expertise at UiT and holds a master’s degree in Technology and Safety in the High North. She has worked for Nordland County Council and as a senior engineer at the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Emergency Preparedness dpt.. She has also been the Port Director for the municipality of Vestvågøy.

  • Ann Helen Hellevik

  • Senior advisor
  • +47 909 79 089
  • Ann Helen jobber jobber med marin forsøpling ved senteret. Hun er utdannet fiskerikandidat med en master i marine næringsmiddel fra Universitetet i Tromsø. I 20 år jobbet hun i Møreforsking, blant annet med forskning innen produktutvikling, lite utnyttede marine ressurser og foredling. Før hun startet ved senteret jobbet hun tre år ved Sunnmøre friluftsråd som fagleder for marin forsøpling.

Senior advisor Anja Meland Rød
  • Anja Meland Rød

  • Senior advisor
  • +47 452 57 321
  • Anja holds a in international environmental studies from the NMBU and Universidad de Costa Rica. She has worked on climate projects for the Norwegian Development Fund, environment at municipality level and conducted research on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications. At the centre, Anja works on OSPAR and the beach cleaning tools and other areas within marine litter.

  • Håkon Arnljot Arctander

  • Juridisk rådgiver
  • +47 905 94 692
  • Håkon er jurist og arbeider med et vidt spekter av oppgaver for senteret. Han har sin bakgrunn fra Kystverket og Statens vegvesen. Der jobbet han hovedsakelig med anskaffelsesprosesser og kontraktsoppfølging.

Communications advisor Inger Sandnes
  • Inger Sandnes

  • Communications advisor
  • +47 918 97 972
  • Inger holds a master’s degree in communication studies from NTNU. She previously worked as a communications advisor at NTNU and Lånekassen. When she moved back to Lofoten, she worked for a while as a media advisor for Lofotposten before joining us in 2019. At the centre, she works on communication.

Financial advisor Line Fredriksen
  • Line Fredriksen

  • Financial advisor
  • +47 970 64 896
  • Line holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and management from Nord University. She has previously worked in the procurement department at Ullevål hospital, at DNB and as a finance manager at Bil i Nord Lofoten. She works with finance, payroll, and HR at the centre.

Communications advisor Lise Maria Strömqvist
  • Lise Maria Strömqvist

  • Communications advisor
  • +47 941 95 509
  • Lise trained in the humanities at the NTNU, has multiple years of experience as a journalist and studied as an author in Tromsø. She has worked on port and coastal management for the Norwegian Coastal Administration and wrote the book “The Port – a story about Øksnes, the Government and fishing in the north”. She works on communication and dissemination at the centre and is the web editor.

  • Mads Homleid Busvold

  • Advisor
  • +47 926 60 425
  • Mads trained as a chemical engineer at the University of Stavanger. He has previously worked as an engineer and project manager at the Municipality of Vestvågøy. He started a master’s degree programme in Technology and Security in the High North at the Arctic University of Norway in autumn 2020. Mads works in a 50% position at the centre as an advisor within marine litter.

Advisor Maria Antonsen
  • Maria Antonsen

  • Advisor
  • +47 936 15 743
  • Maria holds a master’s degree in Arctic Marine Biology from UiT. After completing her studies, she worked for three years within the waste industry. At the centre Maria predominantly works on the national tool Rydde. She also works with the national beach cleaning project and Lighthouse Lofoten.

  • Marie-Fleurine Olsen

  • Senior advisor
  • +47 451 27 177
  • Marie-Fleurine holds a master’s degree in regional planning and cultural understanding from UiT. She has previously worked for the County Governor of Troms and Finnmark with emergency planning, regional planning and climate. Since January 2022, Marie-Fleurine has been working at Marfo, mainly focusing on grants, international cooperation and a national beach cleaning project.

Ragnhild Nyland
  • Ragnhild Nyland

  • Senior advisor
  • +47 918 13 509
  • Ragnhild works within marine litter with focus on sea-based sources. She trained as an environmental manager at UiT/NMBU and as a media engineer with NRK. Ragnhild has worked as an environmental and quality manager in a maritime construction company and as a project manager within nature-based business development. She also has experience of ICT projects and as a web editor.

  • Silje Grande Henriksen

  • Senior adviser HRM
  • +47 924 02 218
  • Silje holds a master’s degree in public health science from NMBU. She has previously worked in social planning, public health, and climate/environment at the Municipality of Vågan and as an advisor within HSE and organisational development at Unicare. At the centre she is staff senior advisor and works on the development of the centre’s strategies, organisation, and HR.

Communications advisor Siril Borgersen
  • Siril Borgersen

  • Communications advisor
  • +47 977 40 628
  • Siril trained as a journalist at Volda University College and has also completed two years of film studies at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She previously worked as a journalist and radio producer with NRK and as a journalist at TV2 and Lofotposten. At the centre she works on communication.