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Four persons walks by the ocean carrying clean-up bags.

the Norwegian Coordination Council against Marine Litter


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The National Coordination Council against Marine Litter was established in September 2022. The council is led by Marfo and 23 different actors from administration, interest organizations and funding are involved.

The coordination council is broadly put together, so the work against marine litter from clean-ups to final disposal is represented. The council shall cover needs nationally and share experiences, strengthen coordination and identify areas of cooperation across sectors and organizations in the work against marine litter.

The cooperation council shall contribute to:

  • that clean-up experiences are shared and challenge areas identified and discussed
  • discuss and give practical suggestions for areas of improvement and coordination
  • that the clean-up of marine litter is well coordinated and is carried out in a knowledge-based manner
  • strengthen coordination
  • explore the possibilities for using available resources more effective

The council has no decision-making authority or powers, but proposals and initiatives can be presented to the council. There is room for establishing working groups that can implement initiatives and cooperation.

The council holds two annual meetings.