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Two people carrying bin bags along the coast. Mountains and sea in the background.

Funding schemes


You have several options to apply for funding of projects that contribute to the clean-up of marine litter or initiatives and solutions to reduce plastic pollution.

The Norwegian Environment Agency

The Norwegian Environment Agency manages a grant scheme that contributes to the implementation of initiatives to reduce marine litter in Norway, including both clean-up activities and preventive measures. In the regulations concerning grants for initiatives to combat marine litter you can find information about the purpose of the grant scheme, who is eligible to apply and the initiatives for which you may apply for funding.

Who can apply for grants?

  • Voluntary organisations and foundations registered in the Central Register of Legal Entities
  • Private companies that are not sole proprietorships
  • Independent municipal and inter-municipal companies and partner agencies

Here you can find further information about the Norwegian Environment Agency’s grant scheme.

The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund

The purpose of the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund is to reduce the use of plastic bags, reduce plastic pollution and increase resource utilisation of plastic. To achieve this, the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund provides funding for national and international projects.

Here you can find further information about funding from the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund.

The Rydd Norge (Clean-up Norway) programme

The national Rydd Norge programme is established and managed by the Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund for the purpose of cleaning at least 40 percent of the outermost coastline in Norway and on Svalbard, as well as priority watercourses, by the end of 2023. Clean-up assignments are put out for tender and a total of NOK 100 million will be allocated across twelve regions. The clean-up assignments are awarded to participants who hold the relevant experience, interest, and professional clean-up expertise.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • All public and private companies registered with the Brønnøysund Register Centre

You can participate in the tender competitions here.

Keep Norway Beautiful - reimbursement scheme

If you have incurred expenses related to voluntary clean-up of ownerless marine waste, you can apply for reimbursement. Keep Norway Beautiful manages the reimbursement scheme, which is funded by the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Who is eligible to apply for reimbursement?

  • Anyone who has incurred expenses for transport, delivery, and management of marine waste

The clean-up operations must have been based on voluntary efforts and must be registered in Rydde.

Apply for reimbursement here.

The Savings Bank Foundation DNB

You can apply for funding for clean-up operations through The Savings Bank Foundation DNB. They predominantly fund initiatives for people up to the age of 25.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • Organisations, clubs, or associations
  • Private companies with a charitable purpose
  • Schools, childcare facilities, or PTAs
  • The public sector – only for initiatives that are not part of the core activities of central or local authorities

Apply for funding here.

Local authorities and county administrations

Several local authorities and county administrations also provide funding for environmental initiatives. Contact your local authority or county administration for further information.

It is possible to apply for the use of incentive funds for volunteers participating in clean-up operations. You can apply for incentive funding from several local authorities and outdoor recreation councils, financed by the Norwegian Environment Agency. It is also possible to apply directly to the Norwegian Environment Agency.

The incentive funding must be used for public purposes. This could include:

  • Simple catering during the clean-up operation
  • A limited amount can be allocated to clubs and associations (bands, sports clubs, school classes and similar)

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • Voluntary and charitable organisations and associations registered in the Central Register of Legal Entities.
  • Private companies that are not sole proprietorships.
  • Independent municipal and inter-municipal companies and partner agencies, such as waste management companies and outdoor councils.

Check whether your local authority or the regional outdoor recreation council provide incentive funding.

Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund

The funds originate from the NOK 150 environmental tax payable by visitors to Svalbard. The funds are used to initiate projects and measures to preserve the natural environment on Svalbard. In recent years, The Svalbard Environment Protection Fund has provided funding for multiple clean-up projects on Svalbard.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

  • Private and public companies and organisations
  • Private individuals

Apply for funding here.

Other funding sources

There are also other funding sources available for clean-up operations. Among others, several banks have their own foundations from which you can apply for funding. Major industry stakeholders, such as aquaculture companies, also have funds from which you can apply for specific projects, funding for transport, etc.

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