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Graphical illustration of people performing clean-up activities.

Checklist for Clean-up Personnel


Are you planning to clean or participate in a clean-up operation?

Before setting off

  • Plan your transport to the meeting point
  • Download the Rydde app and activate your user
  • Wear appropriate clothing
  • Wear footwear suitable for the terrain
  • If you are organising the clean-up operation, please read the checklist for organisers


  • Gloves, if you have not been told that gloves will be issued
  • Bin bags if these will not be issued
  • Plenty of food and beverages 
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen
  • Extra clothing in case of rain or cold weather
  • First-aid equipment, if necessary

Always keep safety in mind when performing clean-up activities

  • Be attentive and careful
  • Take care of your own safety
  • Wear gloves
  • Wear a life jacket if needed
  • Use safety goggles or other protective equipment as needed
  • Pay attention to your working position and vary how you sit and stand
  • If possible, work in pairs

Handling of waste

  • Do not overfill the bags, as you need to be able to tie and transport them
  • Do not put food waste in the bags, as this poses a risk that animals could drag the waste out
  • If you find large, heavy items, report this in the Rydde app and leave the items behind
  • Register waste in Rydde

Hazardous waste

  • Pay attention to hazardous waste:
  • Sharp items
  • Bottles or plastic jugs with unknown contents
  • Explosives
  • Car batteries
  • Gas bottles

If you come across something and you do not know what it is, leave it behind and notify the police or the operation leader.

After cleaning

  • Remember to let the organiser know before you leave

Leave the landscape in a better condition than it was in before cleaning and with few traces of the operation.

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