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Person walking along the water’s edge carrying a rake and a plastic bag.



Rydde is a digital tool for volunteer beach cleaners.

Rydde includes an overview of planned and completed clean-up operations, shows clean-up statistics, and provides the opportunity to report littered areas. At, you can register clean-up operations and invite others to participate.

Rydde is also available as an app, and you can easely register litter when you are out doing clean-ups. You can find information about the nearest waste management company that accepts marine litter, and where to find clean-up kits containing gloves and bags.

Why use Rydde?

By using Rydde, you will contribute valuable data to the national efforts against marine litter. You will help both researchers and the administrative authorities when you add information about where clean-up activities have been performed, how much was cleared and not least, what you found. This data is needed for us to progress with the efforts against marine litter. Knowledge about volumes and the most common waste types makes it easier to implement preventive measures.

In Rydde you can:

  • Create clean-up operations in the future (
  • Register clean-up operations in the past
  • Sign up to participate in clean-up operations
  • Register waste after a clean-up activity
  • Report littered areas
  • Report large objects
  • Report affected fauna
  • Report shipwrecks
  • Turn a reported littered area into a clean-up operation
  • Apply for reimbursement for clean-up expenses

Watch a video about how to use Rydde (in norwegian).

Registration of findings

In Rydde, you can choose whether to register only where you have performed clean-up activities and how much waste you collected, or you can choose to also register what you found. You can register both on the app and at

Rydde can be used as a field app. Photo: The Norwegian Centre for Oil Spill Preparedness and Marine Environment

Using Rydde in the field

When using Rydde in the field, you should first plan how you will register waste. Will you register during or after the clean-up? What is most appropriate will depend on the waste type, the proportion of small pieces and how many people participate in the clean-up operation.

Who can perform registration?

Only the organiser can make registrations in a clean-up operation arranged by a private user. In a clean-up operation arranged by an organisational user, all participants can register findings if they log in using the same organisational user.

If you plan to return and perform clean-up activities several times, you can leave an operation open for a period.

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