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Lighthouse Lofoten Conference 2022 – the guiding light towards prevention of sea-based marine litter

  • Arrangør:Senter mot marin forsøpling
  • Type:Konferanse
  • Hvor:Hybrid conference with in-person participation in Svolvær, Norway and online.
  • Når:5. – 6. april 2022

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Bilde av Espen Barth EideBilde av Espen Barth Eide

Espen Barth Eide

Klima- og miljøminister, Klima- og miljødepartementet
Ann-Helen ErnstsenAnn-Helen Ernstsen

Ann-Helen Ernstsen

Direktør, Senter mot marin forsøpling

Ann-Helen trained as an engineer in machinery and marine technology. She also studied Maritime Arctic Expertise at UiT and holds a master’s degree in Technology and Safety in the High North. She has worked for Nordland County Council and as a senior engineer at the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Emergency Preparedness dpt.. She has also been the Port Director for the municipality of Vestvågøy.

Bilde av Petter GulliBilde av Petter Gulli

Petter Gulli

Moderator, Founder

Petter is the founder of the sustainability consultancy 12YEARS. He is helping brands and organizations inspire their employees and find a relevant and trustworthy role when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility. He is also author of the book "HOPE - A practical guide for climate optimists”, board member of WWF Norway, co-founder of ReSourcer.bio and The guide against greenwashing.

Bilde av Kirsten GilardiBilde av Kirsten Gilardi

Kirsten Gilardi

Director, Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center

Kirsten Gilardi is a wildlife veterinarian and at the Karen C. Drayer Wildlife Health Center directs the California Lost Fishing Gear Recovery Project. She is a member of the Joint Group of Experts on Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection (GESAMP), where she chairs Working Group 43. Gilardi serves on the Expert Advisory Council for the Global Ghost Gear Initiative.

Bilde av Frode SyversenBilde av Frode Syversen

Frode Syversen

Managing Director, Mepex

Frode Syversen is a waste management expert from to Oslo, Norway. Master of science from University of Trondheim. More than 35 years of professional experience covering integrated waste management systems, material flow analysis, marine littering and environmental impacts. EPR-systems and development of practical circular economy strategies.

Bilde av Joel  Baziuk  Bilde av Joel  Baziuk

Joel Baziuk

Associate Director, Global Ghost Gear Initiative

Joel leads on the GGGI’s global membership and on much of the GGGI’s technical work and knowledge products. He has participated in numerous technical working groups concerning lost and abandoned fishing gear including the Aquaculture Stewardship Council Technical Advisory Group on Marine Litter and Gear Management and the Responsible Fishing Vessel Scheme Technical Working Group V2.

Bilde av Ann Helen  HellevikBilde av Ann Helen  Hellevik

Ann Helen Hellevik

Senior Advisor, Senter mot marin forsøpling

Ann-Helen works on marine litter at the centre. She is a Fisheries Science graduate with a master’s degree in Marine Food from the Arctic University of Norway. She worked at Møreforsking for 20 years and her duties included research into product development, underutilised marine resources and processing.

Bilde av Lise  LangårdBilde av Lise  Langård

Lise Langård

Senior Advisor, Miljødirektoratet

Lise is a marine biologist with a MSc and PhD at the University of Bergen and the Institute of Marine Research. She has worked at the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries in the developmental section and for the past 5 years as a senior advisor at the Norwegian Environment Agency. Her main tasks are related to marine litter, both nationally and internationally.

Bilde av Ryan d'Arcy  Metcalfe Bilde av Ryan d'Arcy  Metcalfe

Ryan d'Arcy Metcalfe

National Coordinator and International Liaison, KIMO

Ryans's main focus is on sustainable coastal communities and pollution prevention by changing attitudes and practices. His work also consists of monitoring of three reference beaches where he collects data on washings and beach litter for the Ministry of the Environment. He is also involved in OSPAR where he represents KIMO International.

Bilde av Egil  BjørnevikBilde av Egil  Bjørnevik

Egil Bjørnevik

Senior Surveyor, Sjøfartsdirektoratet

Bjørnevik has been employed in NMA since 2010, works as a coordinator for unscheduled inspections of Norwegian flagged ships. Also works with the prevention of litter from ships and the facilitation of garbage inspections. He has a background as master mariner.

Bilde av Marisa Fernández Bilde av Marisa Fernández

Marisa Fernández

Head of the Department of Control and Management of Marine Environment and Resources, Centro Tecnológico del Mar- CETMAR Foundation

PhD in Chemical Sciences, Marisa Fernández is the Head of the Department of Control and Management of Marine Environment & Resources in CETMAR Foundation where since 2002 she has been coordinating local, national and EU projects and networks related to prevention and response against marine pollution and marine litter. She is currently leading CleanAtlantic Project.

Bilde av Kenneth  BruvikBilde av Kenneth  Bruvik

Kenneth Bruvik


Kenneth Bruvik is an environmentalist. He has through projects and documentaries worked to raise awareness, knowledge, and enthusiasm for life in rivers, waters and the sea. His latest documentary series was "The Plastic Ocean" broadcasted on NRK in 2021. Now he is in the middle of his newest initiative Oceanscenario and in September he is determined to clean-up the Hardanger fjord in one day.

Bilde av Bjørn Vidar  VangelstenBilde av Bjørn Vidar  Vangelsten

Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten

Senior Researcher, Nordlandsforskning

Bjørn Vidar Vangelsten has 25 years of experience from research and administration of public research programs. Key scientific experience includes natural risk management and societal vulnerability. He works on themes related to sustainable development goals, circular economy, marine littering, climate smart and sustainable food systems and analysis of policies/strategies for green transformation.

Bilde av Sohvi NuojuaBilde av Sohvi Nuojua

Sohvi Nuojua

University Instructor, PhD Researcher, University of Oulu

Sohvi's educational background is in applied psychology, and she is currently finishing her PhD as part of the International Marine Litter Research Unit (IMLRU) at the University of Plymouth (UoP). Her PhD project looks into the application of behavioural sciences in the prevention of marine litter. She currently teaches psychological research methods at the University of Oulu (Finland).

Bilde av Rebecca Alcolea  KraussBilde av Rebecca Alcolea  Krauss

Rebecca Alcolea Krauss

Project Manager, United Nations Global Compact - Ocean Stewardship Coalition

Rebecca Alcolea Krauss joined the UNGC Norway in 2020. She has worked as a project manager leading different Global initiatives integrating the SDGs in business. In 2021, she became a part of the Ocean Stewardship Coalition team and is currently leading the GloLitter Partnerships Project of the IMO and FAO on the private sector intervention to reduce marine plastic litter globally through the GIA.

Bilde av Erik  GrierskyBilde av Erik  Griersky

Erik Griersky

Head of the Ocean Stewardship Coalition, United Nations Global Compact - Ocean Stewardship Coalition

Erik Giercksky has led the UN Global Compact's ocean work since 2018. Giercksky started his career as a Norwegian diplomat and was part of the team that led Norway's work with peace processes in different parts of the world. Giercksky has previously worked as communications director in the Norwegian Shipowners' Association and has held leadership roles in several companies and organizations.