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Lighthouse Lofoten 2022

Welcome to Lighthouse Lofoten

Lighthouse Lofoten is a solution-focused voyage that consists of three webinars and an international Lighthouse Lofoten conference in April 2022. Through Lighthouse Lofoten, we aim to showcase preventive solutions and create a dialogue around successful models to reduce sea-based marine litter.

We also want to use the lighthouse to explore how awareness can lead to change in attitudes, actions, and systems.

In 2019 we invited to the first Lighthouse Lofoten conference on prevention and clean-up of marine litter.

Finally, Lighthouse Lofoten is lit again, and we welcome you to be a part and contribute to a solution-focused community for a plastic free ocean.

Lighthouse Lofoten Conference 2022 – the guiding light towards prevention of marine litter

9th February 2022 - Rent hav - the tool and the blue ocean of data

This webinar is in Norwegian.

16th December 2021 - Knowledge status and preventive measures for macroplastics from fisheries and aquaculture

This webinar is in Norwegian.

18th november 2021 - Lighthouse Lofoten: Prevention of Marine Litter from Sea-based Sources