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  • All commercial fisheries must report lost tools. The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries conducts annual clean-up missions in various locations.
  • NOFIR collaborates with fishermen and others to collect discarded tools.
  • Fishing for Litter is a project that offers free waste delivery of ownerless marine waste to 11 ports in Norway.
  • It is now possible to reduce the risk of waste ending up in the sea through the use of regulations, tool design and technology.
  • Legislation, supervision, awareness campaigns and other stimulation measures are important factors in preventing marine litter.
  • Technological developments are also under way in relation to material types, structures and labelling to identify owners and thereby also the responsibility for the tool.
  • Knowledge and training are also central factors. This involves not only awareness of the issue but also the expertise to assess risks, correct use of equipment and knowledge of the seabed, currents and other local conditions.