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Helge Jordal holding a piece of rope

Common sense rules for rope


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What can you do to prevent littering and reduce the amount of plastic in the sea when out with your boat? Here are ten great tips to remember when at sea.

  1. Only bring what you need when at sea.

  2. Replace worn rope and ensure that the rope you use is in good condition. This prevents loss and leads to less microplastics in the sea.

  3. Use good quality equipment intended to last.

  4. If you work at sea, make sure to apply the best practices for your industry.

  5. Bring a bin bag or establish a system on board for pieces of rope, cut-offs and smaller pieces of plastic.

  6. Stay vigilant and try to prevent pieces of rope, cut-offs and similar from ending up on deck. From there, they can easily end up in the sea.

  7. Thoroughly secure tools and equipment on board, but also when you go ashore.

  8. Don’t forget that smaller pieces of plastic, such as strips, cut-offs and packaging, can quickly end up going overboard together with your tools if you leave them loose.

  9. Lead by example. Positive attitudes and awareness are created through your actions.

  10. Don’t be afraid to give a friendly reminder.