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Marine littering on the seashore. Clean-up personnel in orange clothing nearby. Two boats are moored.

Rent hav


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The digital map service, Rent hav, has been developed to provide those working with marine litter with the opportunity to obtain a better overview, as well as the possibility to plan and better prioritise the work.

Rent hav provides an excellent overview for those who are planning clean-up activities. The goal is to collect relevant data concerning marine litter at a national level to achieve more efficient and knowledge-based efforts against marine litter. Rent hav will provide you with environmental data, external clean-up maps and other relevant data. Rent hav is still in development and further data will be added going forward. The intended users during this early stage are primarily waste companies, outdoor recreation councils, Skjærgårdstjenesten (archipelago services) and management stakeholders at various levels.

The following can be done by anyone in Rent hav:

  • See an overview of clean-up operations.
  • Obtain an overview of national environmental information that it is important when planning clean-up activities.

Some of the data in Rent hav is intended for researchers and national and local authorities and is therefore access-controlled. This applies to figures and data from national clean-up activities. When you have logged in, you will find downloadable clean-up data and statistics that can also be exported to external systems. In addition to clean-up operation data, you can also extract information about e.g., coastlines that have been cleaned, findings and reports.

The following can be done if you have your own access:

  • Obtain an overview of participants and resources in your region
  • Add, edit, or view collection points in your region
  • View and add photographs from operations, surveys and reported areas
  • Filter and download data from clean-up activities, findings, reports and coastlines that have been cleaned.

Collection points is a feature in Rent hav, in which clean-up organisers can select a point on the map and describe where temporary collection points for marine waste have been established, and who the waste will be collected by.

Further development of Rent hav

Action cards are descriptions of clean-up assignments created based on reported littering. The intention is that these will be used for assignments that can be performed by professional organisers and an assessment will be conducted as to the scope of the littering and the need for clean-up of the area in question.

We intend to develop a app for Rent hav during 2021. This app will have different functionality to the Rydde app. The Rent hav app will be developed for professional organisers working on marine litter.

The planned functionality includes:

  • A surveying and inspection module
  • The option to add collection points and action cards
  • Offline mode
  • The option to add operations, etc.

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