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Fishing for Litter


Fishing for Litter (FFL) was launched by KIMO (the international environment organisation of local authorities) in 2004. In Norway, FFL was established as a two-year trial project during the 2016-2017 period and is now administered by SALT and funded by the Norwegian Environment Agency’s “grant scheme for measures to combat marine litter”. The project enables fishermen to deliver any waste they fish up as bycatch at eleven reception ports along the coast, from Båtsfjord in the north to Hvaler in the south, at no cost. In addition to helping clean up marine waste, the project will provide greater knowledge of litter in the sea and contribute to increased recycling of waste associated with fishing and fisheries. 

In 2020, 101 vessels had joined project and a total of 208 tonnes of waste was collected. The reception port in Ålesund was the port that accepted the most waste, with 98.3 tonnes. A total of 55 tonnes of waste was delivered for recycling via Nofir in 2020